I’ll improvise
This are some photos of Mori Boy style
Cute and weird,
but really interesting 




You can be proud to be black.
You can be proud to be Asian.
You can be proud to be Arabic.
You can be proud to be Spanish.
You can be proud to be any race.
But you can never be proud to be white, because that makes you racist.

arabic..spanish bitch u dont even know ur races shut the fuck up

And a lot of Arabs are Asian, dickhead


Our latest Tropes vs Women episode, covering non-playable sex objects, has been viewed a quarter of a million times on YouTube!


whenever hot guys send me nudes and they’re like “for your eyes only” i always laugh cause it’s like why you think ima share your dick? its mine


Olbermann talks about the ways in which the level of basic human respect for women in sports is consistently being eroded in the media.

CONTENT WARNING: Security camera footage of violence against women.

Some Digimon Adventure and Tamers locations on real life




I wish my english game was strong enough to be able to watch movies with no subtitles at all because Sony are a bunch of incompetent fucks when it comes to this kind of thing, the damn PS3 won’t recognize subtitles files and it’s the same with the stupid TV, thanks, thank you.

This post is in English though I don’t understand your situation

Obviamente no iba a faltar el gringo pendejo en Tumblr punto com.


Spot the difference




Bill Maher getting his ass handed to him on Islam is making the rounds again today. (x)

The whole exchange is part of a larger segment about Benghazi from May of last year, but The Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald from really lays it out in black and white.  Given the situation in Gaza, I can see why this clip has had a boost in popularity.

Glenn:  Lots of religions — not just Islam — produce violence.

Bill: That’s a silly, liberal view that all religions are alike because it makes you feel good.

Glenn:  No it makes you feel good to say our side is better because those people over there are —

Bill:  No it makes you feel good to put a crown on your head and say, “I’m a good person.  How do I prove that — “

Glenn:  You get to ignore the responsibility that your own government has for the violence and instability in the world by saying, “Look.  It’s that primitive religion over there that’s to blame.”

This tea is just so flavorful and full of truth.

This clip never gets old. 

I have never despised anyone as much as Bill Maher and his melted potato face. This is good. Very good.

Men often react to women’s words - speaking and writing - as if they were acts of violence; sometimes men react to women’s words with violence. So we lower our voices. Women whisper, Women apologize. Women shut up. Women trivialize what we know. Women shrink. Women pull back. Most women have experienced enough dominance from men - control, violence, insult, contempt - that no threat seems empty
— Andrea Dworkin - Intercourse (via echo-chamber)


"babe wake up we gotta watch yugioh"


the urban dictionary definition of mens rights activists is so spot on it hurts-

‘a bunch of whiny pedantic morons that think there is some vast illuminati feminist conspiracy while seemingly ignoring the fact that their own gender runs and ruins the majority of the world’


idg why people feel the need to be proud of being white

what have white people ever done apart from

- steal ideas and inventions from other races

- claim everything as theirs

- enslave multiple races

- produced the dreaded ‘white girl’

- ‘straight white boys’


i wasn’t ready


Bart gets a new tattoo.


Bart gets a new tattoo.